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Maui HD / Maui IT ServicesCustomer Referral Program

Maui HD and Maui IT Services announces the resumption of our referral program for existing customers. Under this program, existing customers for a limited time can receive a referral reward for referring their friends and associates to Maui HD or Maui IT Services. Both companies are operated by WCEP LLC.

How It Works

If you are an existing customer of either Maui HD or Maui IT Services, please contact us to enroll in the customer referral program. Enrollment is easy – just a quick email to let us know you are interested. In your email, please provide:

· Your name

· Your company name (the one that is our customer)

· The “best” email address for us to contact you and

· An identification word or “keyword.”

The “keyword” can be any word of your choosing. We suggest that it should be a word that has meaning to you and those you refer to either Maui HD or Maui IT Services. They will use that “keyword” to trigger your referral rewards.

We will respond to indicate you are enrolled in the program.

Once enrolled, all you need to do is to recommend us to your friends and associates. When one of your friends contacts Maui HD or Maui IT Services, if they mention that they were referred to us by you (including your name and the keyword) then you will be eligible for your reward.

Our current referral bonus is ten (10%) percent of the service payments made to either Maui HD or Maui IT Services. So if someone your refer hires Maui HD or Maui IT Services to provide $3,000.00 worth of goods or services, your referral bonus would be $300!

We will credit your account with the referral bonus at the end of the quarter of the year in which payment for the goods or services have been received. So if your referral pays for the services in February, we will credit your company account in March.


1. WCEP LLC, dba either Maui HD or Maui IT Services, will only pay one (1) referral reward for any given new client.

2. No referral reward will be given if the new client does not mention your referral (your name and keyword) prior an agreement to do work for that client.

3. If the new client mentions two or more references, the referral reward will be given to the first referring party mentioned.

4. The work, product or services must be fully paid before the referral reward is made.

5. For continuing monthly contracts, the referral reward will only be made for the first six (6) months of the new client’s payments – only two quarters of credits will be provided.

6. If you stop being a client of a WCEP LLC company (Maui HD, Maui IT Services), any accumulated rewards not applied to your account will be forfeited.

7. This is a limited-time program. WCEP LLC reserves the right to change the terms of the program or discontinue the program, without direct notice to participants.

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Evan Dust
Evan Dust
Oct 24, 2020

We encourage all of our existing clients to sign up for this service. If you are a Maui IT Services client, you can refer others to both Maui IT Services and Maui HD and get the reward bonuses!

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