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Maui IT Services


Technology Consulting and Services

Maui IT Services offers computer and network support services to clients. We offer blocks of support time which you can use to call upon us to solve your computer and networking problems.


Give us a call at 808-495-4449 or email us at for a quote.

Our Services

Distance Learning Solutions

During Covid we have helped hundreds of kids get laptops so they will thrive and learn in the current pandemic.

Managed IT Services

We can take care of your network or computers no matter what the challenge is. We have pricing options from individuals to large businesses.

Disaster Recovery

Since 1998 we have been recovering data. If you think you might have lost valuable data shut your computer down right away and call us!

Cloud Business

We can move your business to the cloud so your data and apps are available from home or on the go!


A simple but powerful solution individuals and small businesses to move their valuable data to be available anywhere!

Support Consulting

We can find the perfect solution for you and make it work for your business. Call us for a consultation appointment at
 (808) 495-4449


“Thank you for selling us the perfect laptops for our keiki for distance learning!”

William Anana


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